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Our Company

SVA is a specialist provider of independent medical science, engineering and design services within Australia's Health industry.

The company was founded in 2005 by directors Andy Gay and Susan Gay, and remains family owned. SVA has offices throughout south-east Queensland in the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, and the Gold Coast, as well a growing team of specialists throughout Australia performing services for clientele in every state and territory. 

Areas of Speciality 


Instrument Database

Up to date master product list for Product Family Development

sterilizer Performance qualification 

SVA is the most experienced validation team in Australia, and conducts PQ on every type and make of sterilizer, in departments of all sizes. This enables a uniquely informed approach - with each PQ benefiting from decades of experience and research not limited to a single manufacturer. Our technical approach has set the industry benchmark, and the detail of final reporting is unrivalled. 

WASHER performance qualification 

SVA was the first company to offer and perform fully compliant (ISO 15883) washer disinfector validation in Australia. This relatively new requirement brings a number of technical challenges, and an intimate understanding of the standard is imperative to ensure all aspects are correctly performed. SVA performs PQ on all washer types, including Batch, Trolley, Index, and Endoscope. 

facility and department design

The SVA project division offers consultative services incorporating clinical design, process optimisation, and compliance auditing. Our design team has been utilised in many of Australia's largest new facility projects of the past decade, providing capacity studies and steam system design, as well as full process and department design. 

product family development 

Drawing on our instrumentation database, which is maintained and updated during every PQ, SVA provides advice and education in the development of Product Families and corresponding processes. For clients, year round support is available for instrument and product family queries. In addition, SVA keeps all clients informed of new research that may necessitate a process change. 


With over 30 years experience in steam systems and hospital engineering, SVA is fully qualified to perform all steam quality tests now required by AS4187. Our engineering team can also modify existing steam lines and install the required test sample points.
For convenience, steam quality testing can be conducted during sterilizer and washer validation. 

heat sealer validation 

Due to overwhelming demand and in an effort to provide a complete validation solution for our clients, SVA now offers validation of heat sealers, with all documentation to meet accreditation requirements. Tensile strength testing is conducted at our Gold Coast technical office, after peel pouches have been processed and collected on site.